Nelli Milan

Genre: Finnish Pop

Nelli's debut album out now (04/2016).


Genre: Pop/Rock

Stache's debut album ‘The Reason We Get Nothing Done’, was released on October 2013. The album was well received and got airplays on radios in USA, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Poland, Netherlands and Finland. Stache's first European Tour was organised in Spring 2014.

The Groke

Genre: Stoner/Fuzz/Rock

The Groke's debut album ‘Monstrorum Historia’, was released on October 2014. The album was well received, specially in Sweden, and hit the radio stations and record stores in Sweden, USA & Finland.


Genre: Atmospheric Pop Rock

Neondad's debut album 'Off The Humdrum' was released on October 2014. Album was well received and was highlighted in many music blogs, radios and the music video of "Dictator" was listed '10 most popular videos of 2014', in AllScandinavian.


Genre: Alternative Rock Pop

A-M's double single 'Count To Ten & Rainy Day' was released on March 2014. If you are lucky, you might find A-M busking on the streets of Europe at summer times.


Genre: Finnish Rap

Funksons's second studio album '201NYT' was released in March 2013. The album was our first releases and one can say; it helped our label to reach it next level. The album is almost sold out and the songs are still playing on Finnish radios.


Genre: Finnish Rap

OPP's second studio album Vimmalaloi was released on June 2015, and within first weeks, OPP hit the Top 1,2 & 3 places of most listened songs in Oulu.


All our releases:

Nelli Milan: Rakas Päiväkirja (04/2016)
Stache: Afterglow (03/2016)
Funksons: Mielentila (03/2016
OPP: Vimmalaloi (06/2015)
Hello Cleveland: Hello Cleveland (04/2015)
The Groke: Monstrorum Historia (10/2014)
Neondad: Off The Humdrum (10/2014)
KauhiaJuha: Elämä Koulii (08/2014)
Pummiharmonia: Bardo (05/2014)
Collie Magnum: Out of the hive (05/2014)
Olli-PA, Jumio & Haamu: Lauantai (05/2014)
Pummiharmonia: Amerikkalaisia Unelmia (04/2014)
A-M: Count To Ten & Rainy Day (03/2014)
Stache: The Reason We Get Nothing Done (10/2013)
Collie Magnum: Man on a mission (10/2013)
Stache: Lunartic & Common Wealth (09/2013)
Funksons: 201NYT (03/2013)
Koalia: I See Wet People (10/2012)


MediaCroco Records is a Finnish independent record label based in Oulu.
Back in 2012, MediaCroco was launched as being a media company, but within first months it somehow turned into a record label.
Our main mission is to help and promote artists from Oulu + Northern Finland.
We are member of IndieCo Finland (Association of Finnish Independent Music Companies).

Contact us:
General enquiries: mediacroco(at)

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